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During the current coronavirus emergency, the Parish Council is conducting business by email and will, if necessary, hold an online meeting to deal with important business which cannot be handled by email.

Current business carried out by the Parish Council:

Response to Planning application 2020/0553/FUL - Erection of Swimming Pool at The Mendip School, Prestleigh. Parish Councils agreed to object to the application citing concerns about noise, parking and usage.

Annual Accounts - the draft accounts to 31st March 2020 can now be viewed on the Accounts for 2019 - 20 page.
Annual External Audit - with an income/expenditure of less than £25,000 per annum in the year to 31st march 2020, Doulting Parish Council will be exemption from a full external audit. Parishioners are advised that, because of the current coronavirus emergency, the date for the completion and agreement of the accounts and hence the exercise of electors rights has been extended by two months with the date for final agreement of the accounts extended until 31st August 2020 and the completion of audit until 30th November 2020.

Parishioners will be aware that the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council normally takes place in May. This is the meeting where the chairman is elected for the year and other formalities completed. Because of the coronavirus emergency, the government has passed emergency legislation allowing the annual meeting to take place later in the year or be carried over until 2021 at the Parish Councils discretion.

The Parish Council has resumed regular meetings via Zoom and the minutes of these meetings can be viewed on the Meeting Minutes and Agenda page. Parishioners wishing to attend these virtual meetings can contact the Parish Clerk at any time before the meeting for an invitation.

Padfield Green Play Area has re-opened.

Please respect others when visiting the play area and follow the rules which can be viewed here - Padfield Green reopening advice.pdf